Devon rex & outcross


We are a small cattery located in Oude-Tonge, on the delta island Goeree-Overflakkee (South Holland) in The Netherlands with the goal to breed healthy, lovely and foremost well socialized kittens. To maintain or improve health and to try to increase vitality, I will use outcrosses in my breeding program, this with aproval of my association Mundikat (FIFe).

All our cats are FIV and FeLV negative and our breeding cats are tested for CMS, Patellar Luxation, scanned for PKD and regularly for HCM. Blood group will be tested if nescesary.
All testresults can be seen and are handed over together with our kittens.
Most of the results of HCM and PKD can be found on and pawpeds.

Our cats are a part of our family and are our pets in the first place.
Our kittens grow up in our living room and get all the love and attention they can get. They grow up together with our 3 kids and dog and so will be used to a busy household.

I am a member of Mundikat (FIFe) and the Dutch breed club: Werkgroep Rexen en Sphynxen.  

I started a study Feline Cat behaviorist in Jan. 2017. I am a certified Feline Theoretic Advisor.
I'm also graduated as cat and rabbit groomer and opened my own grooming salon named Catified in October 2017.