Rextopia's Cotton Candy Candy

Born: June 5, 2016
Color: black tabby mackerel & white
Blood type: A

Carries cinnamon and Burmese point


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CMS (DNA): out of negative parents
FIV/FeLV: negative
HCM/PKD: negative (09/08/2018, 25/04/2022)
Patella Luxation: negative

Sire: Qbert Mystique of Origin (UA)
Dam: CH Rextopia's Ebony

Céleste Prudence Spocky

Devon Rex F2

Import: France

Born: march 7, 2019
Color: black van, orange eyes
Blood type: B

carries dilution

FIV/FeLV: negative
HCM/PKD: negative
Patella Luxation: negative

Sire: Valentin Faunaclub (RU)
Dam: Céleste Sevgi (FR)

Prudence (aka Spocky) lives in a foster home, with many thanks to Mariska and Ferry

Rextopia's Summer Summer

Devon Rex F4

Born: 18 juli 2021
Color: cinnamon & white Tonkinese point
Blood type: A/b

Carries dilution


FIV/FeLV: out of negative parents
Patellar Luxation: -
CMS: out of negative parents

Sire: Rextopia's Amaretto (DRX F3)
Dam: Rextopia's Cotton Candy

Mirre van Waspik Mirre

Born: January 6, 2022
Color: Seal tabby point
Blood type: B

Carries chocolate


Patella Luxatie: -
CMS: out of negative parents

Sire: Bori Boy vom Gaborland (DE)
Dam: Zelda van Waspik (NL)

Our Golden Oldies, the retires:

CH Rextopia's Ebony Ebony

Born: April 30, 2009
Color: black tabby blotched & white
Blood type: A/B

Ebony is spayed

Carries dilution, Burmese point and the longhair gene


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CMS (DNA): (COLQ) N/N negative
FIV/FeLV: negative
HCM/PKD: negative (15/06/10, 02/07/12, 28/04/14)
Patella Luxation: negative

Sire: CH Likoma's Lost Boy (D)
Dam: Ciandor's Forever Bliss (USA)

Grizabella Donnatella Donna

Import: United Kingdom

Born: October 25, 2006
Color: Seal silver tortie tabby Tonkanese point
Blood type: B
HCM/PKD: negative (06-11-'07 en 03-11-'09 )
Patella Luxation: negative

Homozygous shorthair

Sire: GC Amaroque It Hadtobeyou (UK)
Dam: Rozmillion Flirtation (UK)


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Donna is spayed