litter O/O

Rextopia's Cotton Candy & Rextopia's I'm Too Sexy

Born on August 25, 2019

Outcross litter, 2nd generation (F2)


This litter was not completely planned, but very welcome!
Dikkie's Suprelorin chip wasn't working anymore and he appeared to be fertile again.

After a quick birth, three lovely girls were born. Two of them have a normal (smooth) shorthair coat and one has a curly coat. Mom and kittens are doing well. 

Rextopia's Octavia - seal (tabby) & white van Burmese point - girl - evaluation/maybe available later

Rextopia's Olivia - black & white bicolor - girl - available

Rextopia's Orabela - black & white harlekin, odd eyed - girl - will stay with us

Rextopia's Octavia girl - curly - evalutation
Rextopia's Olivia girl - smooth haired - available
Rextopia's Orabela girl - smooth haired - will stay